Wyeth's landscapes

By the early 1930s Wyeth had apparently abandoned literature for painting. He studied with Duncan Grant, a member of the Bloomsbury Group, in 1932, and with Jean Marchand, also associated with the Bloomsbury Group, at the Académie Moderne in Paris for six years (Gioia, p 259). Wyeth went on to paint post-Impressionistic landscapes in the south of France and in the Greek islands. Wyeth exhibited in Paris, and later in the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC, at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and in New York, but with never more than limited critical notice. .

This page will serve as a repository of images of John Allan Wyeth's landscape paintings.  These images have all come from the web, and I have so far been unable to identify the owners of any of them, except for "House with Gray Shutters" which I own myself.  If you are an owner of one of these paintings, please contact me and, if you prefer not to have your painting here, I will immediately remove it.

I am bringing together these paintings in an effort to learn more about Wyeth's landscape art, about which so little is known at present.  Until a much larger number of Wyeth's landscapes can be seen in one place, it will remain impossible to offer meaningful generalizations about his significance as a painter.

Ideally, high-resolution images will be available here, but where these are not available, smaller-format pictures like these will have to suffice.  Clicking on any of the images below will activate a slide show, with somewhat larger images.

If you own a Wyeth painting, please consider making an image of it available for posting here.  Every additional image will help complete the full story of Wyeth the painter.  As he becomes better known, both as poet and painter, interest in all aspects of his artistic work will grow and the value of his paintings will, in all probability, increase.

If you have information about any of these paintings, (date or location), or who owns them, please share such information with us.

Thank you,
BJ Omanson

"House with Gray Shutters"

"Landscape with Bridge", ca 1970

"La Pluie en Baviere", oil on canvas

View of the French Countryside

"Coastal Landscape with Cliffs"

"Coastal Landscape"

Landscape Near Berchtesgaden


(1): Gioia, Dana. "The Unknown Soldier: The Poetry of John Allan Wyeth". The Hudson Review, Vol LXI, No 2 (Summer 2008). pp 259-60. This article appeared again as the introductory essay in the 2008 University of South Carolina Press republication of This Man's Army.

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