Friday, January 18, 2019

Some recent Wyeth news

~~  A substantial essay, "John Allan Wyeth's Dead Landscapes," by Tim Kendall, has been published in a new anthology of war-related essays by Clutag Press: Dead Ground, 2028-1918.  To read more about the book, click on the picture to the left.  

Dr. Kendall's blog is War Poetry.

~~  Connie Rusich has contracted with Bloomsbury Academic Press to edit International Poetry of World War I: An Anthology of Lost Voices.  She will be including two sonnets by Wyeth: "Picnic: Harbonnières to Bayonvillers" and "The Transport."  The anthology is scheduled for release in Sept 2020.   

Dr. Rusich's blog is Behind Their Lines: Poetry of the Great War.

I have just published a collection of my own Wyeth essays, published by Monongahela Books ,

Before the Clangor of the Gun: The First World War Poetry of John Allan Wyeth.

"The first full-length study of the recently rediscovered American poet of the First World War, John Allan Wyeth.  It contains a wealth of new biographical information, plus several extensive essays on Wyeth's technique and his relationship to the major British war poets."

The book includes several essays from this blog (revised), and several new essays, including "Wyeth on Horseback," and "Poet, Painter, Spy: Did John Allan Wyeth report on Nazi activities for British Intelligence during the 1930s?"  

~~BJ Omanson

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